About Yanna

Born and raised in New York, Yanna Darilis is mostly known for her on camera career in Greece since 1994 as a Fitness & Lifestyle TV Host. Yanna earned a Bachelor of Science in Physical Education & Health and a Bachelor of Science in Film and Television. She was also the Associate Director of the Film & Media Department of New York College in Athens, Greece.

Yanna Darilis has worked on the major Greek TV Networks: Antenna, Star and ERT World. Yanna was one of the first English language newscasters for Greece's Antenna Satellite and one of the first English language hosts to air a show in English about Greece on National Greek Television’s ERT World.

Highlights of her career include; creating, executive producing and hosting the first English language show “Hellenic Weekly” for ERT WORLD, Master of Ceremony for the Pre-Game show for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, Greece, at OAKA Stadium, segment producer and guest Host for NBC’s "Today" Show with Matt Lauer and Katie Couric during the Olympic Coverage, E channel's “Tara's Adverntures” on the episode of Greece, and Voice Talent for the Para-Olympic Games, in Athens, Greece.

Yanna is also a published author in Greece with her exercise book "Agapiste to soma Sas- Love your Body". Simutaneously with her Television career, Yanna also enjoyed a successful modelling career, and working for various fashion brands as a brand Ambassador, she also walked the runway for top International and Greek designers including; Valentino, Oscar De Larenta, Versace, Tommy Hilfiger, Ellie Saab, Gotex, and more.

After her successful career in Greece, Yanna returned back to the United States, and teamed up with a group of Greek American Investors and acquired the 25 year old Greek television channel on Time Warner Cable in New York and launched New Greek Television and www.newgreektv.com news site. Her focus is on creating and developing programming for the Greeks abroad, with the goal of preserving Hellenism and building a bridge between Greece and the United States. The New Greek TV website was developed to provide information about Greece, the United States, and the Greeks abroad. Yanna Darilis was also chosen to take part in the Hellenic Initiative’s World Wide Video Campaign ONE GREECE.

Yanna shares her travel experience as a contributor to the huffingtonpost.com, and health and fitness articles on thriveglobal.com . Her latest appearance as Host of the PBS Series “Mediterranean Blue” aired nationwide on various PBS affiliates. Yanna also organizes and moderates panels for the United Nations, Staff Recreation Council, Salus.

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