The Future of Womens Health panel at the United Nations Recreational Staff Council, Salus Wellness. Yanna Darilis : organizer and moderated

 The United Nations Staff Recreational Council, Salus Wellness Network presented; The Future of Women’s Health Panel on March 27th 2018, in Conference room 12, at the United Nations.

The panel of distinguished guests discussed health topics women are facing today in our modern fast paced world, that include; heart disease, cancer, mental stress, obesity, reproduction problems, diabetes, hormonal imbalances, and aging, to mention a few.

The panel of distinguished guests tackled various topics and issues related to health and well being that are specific to women, and offered information about the latest studies, signs to look out for, breakthroughs in medicine, tips for prevention, and mind-fullness.

The majority of the panel concluded that besides genetic pre- dispositions attributing to women’s health conditions, that today’s woman’s onset health problems is largely due as a result of stress, anxiety and lifestyle, which in turn triggers a variety of health conditions. The panel’s advice in general is for women to be aware of signs, conduct annual screenings and adopt a healthier mental and physical lifestyle (Watch the whole discussion on the UN WebTV link below).